/My Superhero
The pandemic of academic fraud, By Micheal Odubajo

My Superhero

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Planted in your soil for what seemed like a century

About you trudged and drudged

Proclaiming my imminent arrival

Like yam sprout out of its tuberous root

Out of your womb I streamed

Amidst threatening throes


The best of your sacred fluid I sucked

With your face my super screen

Where I saw scenes of manic sacrifices

Spurred by seeds of unfeigned affection

You prioritized me above your will and wish

As you minutely poured yourself into me



Every time

And anytime

Even when it meant your sleep must sink

And your comfort shrink

You braved the rave

To lead me to worlds of mythical scenes

Through your ingenuous lullabies.


Your pearly bosom was beyond my pond of perks

My pillow of comfort

My life-evolving toy

I gulped

I fondled

I innocently bit in pleasure

As life flowed into me from the tap of your soul

The pains you felt notwithstanding

My fountain remained subsistent; steadfast


Your time with me no clock can measure

You stayed and played as you nurtured

Much more than you natured me in your fecund soil;

You were my Bentley

Your ever- ready back my cherished corner

Where I caught glimpses of life’s scenes and seeings

As I explored the world in my nascent vista.


You remain the life of my wings

Oh yes, you are!

Fresh are flashes of your trowel steadily plastering my face

Like a mason would the walls of a cherished estate

The gods of the class simply built on the blocks you painly laid

As you taught my untutored hands to pen

And my tottering tongue to speak

Until I was saved from drowning in the pool of dunces;

When blusters from the forest of life

Raged to muffle my courage

They charged to still and steal my dreams

And devour my most beautiful tomorrow

You turned out my hero, my mother

When the heavy hand of dearth

A crushing blow dealt on my face

My skinny frame was left unshielded

And caressed by heart-breaking cold

No calico, cambric sheets even

Desert you found a blanket

To shield my chest from devastating blows


How best do I requite this indescribable sacrifice

From an idol that pales others into obscurity?

It really pains to think

That nothing is worth the value of your immeasurable sacrifice

I can only pray you live long and strong, pronged

In part by the valiant hand of Olodumare, and

By the boundless joy you feel

As you relish the fruits of your blessed womb

Peak to the Sun

Before the inescapable ax comes calling

You shall remain the nexus of my honour

I will make all sorrows sink and joys last

I will nurture you in all with my all

Till you breathe your last

And fade permanently from my view

I will make you dance with infinite joy

That this ‘little’ life that reeled out of your soil

Was not submerged by the river of your monthly flow.


How it beats any logic

That a womb that once nursed a dozen souls

And breasted a dozen mouths

Is left to sag in sullen sorrows without care

With none to recompense the years of her boundless sacrifice

And the dedication of her towering love!

Why is there no one to make her feel

That her supreme sacrifices of motherhood

are never in vain?




*Odubajo is Business Communication and Educational Consultant, and a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Lagos. (mickeybng@gmail.com  +2348028115734)