Investigation into Osinbajo helicopter crash begins

Ezekiel Johnson
Ezekiel Johnson
Investigation into Osinbajo helicopter crash begins
The crash landed helicopter

Investigation has commenced into the immediate and remote causes of the helicopter crash involving Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday.

The helicopter conveying him and his entourage made up of 12 people crash-landed in Kabba area of Kogi State where he was scheduled to carry out the Next Level programme of the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

The Managing Director/Accountable Manager, Captain Josiah Choms, of Caverton Helicopter, which manages the helicopter that conveyed the vice president and his entourage, made this known on Saturday.

In a statement he issued on the incident, he said:  “The relevant authorities have been duly informed and an investigation into the incident has commenced. We will, of course, support the authorities as required.”

The indication that the Presidency had ordered a probe into the case was given on Saturday by the vice president’s spokesman, Laolu Akande, when speaking on the incident.

“As is procedural, a full investigation into the causes of the incident would be conducted by aviation authorities,” he said.

The helicopter, while landing at the Kabba Stadium skidded sideways until it halted on its side few metres away from the intended resting spot.

Also in the plane was the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, Prof Stephen Ocheni, senior presidential aides, security officials and the crew.

No one was, however, hurt in the incident.

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