2019: Shun violence, Okeyomi warns youths

Ezekiel Johnson
Ezekiel Johnson
Sanwo-Olu will transform Lagos with people’s support -Okeyomi
Dipo Okeyomi

The Co-ordinator, Sanwo-Olu Campaign Organisation for Ojokoro Local Council Development Area, Hon. Dipo Okeyomi, has warned youths to stay away from thuggery or any act capable of causing violence.

He also advised politicians in general to shun violence, saying that the coming election should be carried out in peace.

Okeyomi, popularly referred to as “Carry Go” made the appeal ahead of the 2019 general election.

In an interview with FrontPage, Okeyomi said Nigerians should have trust in God and believe that whatever height God has destined anyone to attain, he would certainly do.

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His words:  “I want to appeal to the youths to stay away from thuggery; they should stay away from politicians who will give them guns to go and fight.”

He reasoned that in most cases, the children of politicians who sponsor violence are always abroad while they use others’ as thugs.

He said it was high time youths realized that they had a bright future ahead of them and should not allow some desperate politicians to jeopardise it.

He said they should realize that once the sponsors of violence achieved their goals, they would dump the youths used to fight their way to the top.

The youths, he said, should therefore wake up and not allow themselves to be wasted for some peanuts.

“They push you forward to fight.  When they get to the  position, the only thing they do is buy you motorcycles.  If care is not taken, it is that motorcycle that will kill you.  The highest they can given you is some token; N10,000,  N20,000.  Where will that take you? I don’t want you to be involved in thuggery.  This is a political season, don’t allow anyone to use you for anything.|

Warning all politicians against violence, he appealed to them not to be desperate.

“We don’t need to kill ourselves because of any position.  Whatever you want to achieve, God will surely make it possible.

“You don’t need to plan evil against yourselves. Power is transient; you don’t need to be a political office holder to enjoy life;  we don’t need to war war; if there is any crisis, let us jaw jaw.  We need peace in Nigeria.  We should learn our lessons.  We are not ready to go back to the terrible days.”

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