Home Health Women now go for Caesarean section for flimsy excuse –Gynaecologist

Women now go for Caesarean section for flimsy excuse –Gynaecologist

Women now go for Caesarian section for flimsy excuse –Gynaecologist
Caesarea section

A gynecologist, Dr. Adebayo Bamisebi, on Tuesday advised pregnant women to go for delivery through Caesarean section with special reason for it.

Bamisebi of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ibeju-Lekki General Hospital, Akodo, Lagos  who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) noted that some women who delivered through Caesarean section did  so on flimsy excuse or fashionable note.

“Earning a Caesarean section is for a special reason, it could be because of a problem with the baby or the mother or even both of them.

“It could also depend on quite a number of reasons which may be strictly fetal, strictly maternal and strictly fetomaternal.

“When a C-Section is being carried out, we must be sure that the woman actually merits it, not just through a cooked up excuse to have it done,’’ Bamisebi said.

The gynecologist said a normal vaginal delivery that was not complicated was supposed to be a natural birth, ideally.

According to him, eight out of every 10 pregnant women should be able to do it successfully without much problem arising from it.

However, he said that 20 per cent, that is, two out of every 10 pregnant women would likely want to come with some itches which would result in other forms of delivery for which caesarean section was one of them.

The gynecologist noted that most women who opted out of vaginal delivery were the young and educated ones who he said did so as a result of the fear they got from shared experiences of their friends who had once gone through the process.

Bamisebi, who said that vaginal delivery could be less discomforting and less painful when the appropriate analgesia was given, urged women not to opt for surgical delivery when there were no strict indications for it.

The medical practitioner said a pregnant woman who has a prolonged labour, or her baby is on the big side can be admitted for Caesarean section, adding that such a woman could also present improper position of the baby, causing unnecessary delay that could lead to obstruction of labour.

“That kind of delivery should be completed by a Caesarean section, right in good time, in order to have a healthy baby and mother.

“So for those who will earn it, it is as safe as anything particularly when it is done in good time with all the modern safety tools, there will be no cause for alarm.”

He, however, urged her colleagues not to deny pregnant women whose condition warranted Caesarean section in order to ensure the safety of the mother and the child.


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