Why we must continue virtues of Ramadan –The Companion

David Adenekan
David Adenekan
Why we must continue virtues of Ramadan –The Companion
The Companion

The Companion, an association of Muslim men in business and professions, has underscored the need for Muslims to replicate the virtues of Ramadan in their daily lives.

This is contained in a congratulatory message signed by the National Amir of the Muslim group, Engr. Kamil Olalekan, on the occasion of Eid-el-Fitr to mark the end of this year’s Ramadan fast.

Describing Ramadan as a month-long spiritual rebirth, the group calls for a reflection on the significance of the season regarded as the month of mercy and blessings, by upholding its kernel at the personal and corporate levels at all times.

The Companion notes the high level of piety often exhibited overtly and covertly by Muslims during the holy month.

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“Nigeria will be a better place if the leaders and the led could replicate such piety in their public and private lives at all the times,” the group submits.

The group charges Muslims in particular to always follow the injunctions of Allaah and the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in all situations to enable them provide the requisite illumination for society to thrive.

While lauding the upscale in spiritual activities and virtues that characterise the Ramadan season,tthe Companion states that activities such as regular recitation of the Holy Qur’an, superogatory prayers, renewed brotherhood, and care for the less-privileged in the society remain vital components of Islamic practice during the remaining eleven months of the Muslim calendar.

The association which describes Islam as a complete way of life for humanity, posits that it is the divine religion that establishes the clearest essence of creation and defines the attributes of Allah, the inimitable Creator of the heaven and earth.

Referring to the recent general elections in Nigeria, The Companion cautions against brazen attempt to cause the polarisation of Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines by some desperate politicians during and after the polls, adding that the watchword of everyone after the elections is to jointly work out a stable country that would serve the yearnings of all Nigerians.

“The Companion charges Muslims to remain steadfast and unrelenting in prayers, for the peaceful coexistence of all religious and ethnic nationalities in the country,” the statement reads.

The Muslim group enjoins all Nigerians to eschew violence as the handover date to the next administration approaches at the various levels, stressing that all hands must be on deck to ensure seamless process in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It equally tasks the people of Nigeria to cooperate with the government on the impending census exercise to ensure its total success, moreso that a reliable headcount and house enumeration enhances the realization of accurate data, required for effective planning and meaningful development.

The association calls for honesty and patriotism on the part of all concerned to guard against controversy which had characterised the previous headcounts.

While congratulating Muslims globally on the occasion of Eid-el-Fitr celebrations, The Companion reminds them of their duties to Allah and responsibilities to humanity, adding that everyone should be mindful of their deeds, preparatory to the day of accountability to the Creator.

It concludes that rather than engaging in excessive celebrations at this period, the preoccupation of Muslims should be life after Ramadan, which calls for internalisation of all virtues and trainings received during the holy month.

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