Unpaid allowances: Legislative aides greet resuming Senators, Reps with protest

Clement Daniel
Clement Daniel
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National Assembly

Legislative aides at the National Assembly, on Tuesday, welcome Senators and House of Representatives members from their 10-week recess with a protest over unpaid allowances.

The aides who operate under the group, National Assembly Legislative Aides Forum, NASSLAF, complained that they were being owed allowances running into millions.

They said as result of the unpaid allowances, they had suffered untold hardship leading to the death of some of them.

The leader of the protesters, Nyakari-Abasi Etuk said:   “Some of us are owed up to one point something million and these are funds we use to go on errands and other miscellaneous things.

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“The last leadership of the National Assembly paid us up to date. We are not talking about training, the issue of training is also there, we are supposed to have four trainings in a year.

“Ever since we started we have not had training. The training that we had was sponsored by the National Assembly Service Commission. All we are asking for is our entitlements.”

He said despite the allocations and budget given to the National Assembly which he said captured the legislative aides, they were being denied their allowances.

Members of the National Assembly resumed plenary Tuesday after a recess that lasted about ten weeks.

The protest was staged at the lobby of the National Assembly between the two chambers.

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