/UN promises to support Nigeria for credible elections
UN promises to support Nigeria for credible elections

UN promises to support Nigeria for credible elections

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The United Nation, UN, has expressed its commitment to give support to Nigeria in order to ensure the conduct of violence-free and credible elections.

The commitment was expressed on Saturday by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel, UNOWAS, Mohamed Ibn Chambas.

“The United Nations is committed to assisting with any measure that will enhance popular confidence in the electoral process,” he said.

Chambas spoke at a workshop organised by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) with the theme: “Fake News, Hate Speech, Vote and PVC Buying.”

He was represented by Peace and Development Advisor, Resident Coordinator’s Office, Dr. Zebulon Takwa.

He said Nigerian occupied an important place in the world and could not afford not to ensure peaceful and credible elections.

“I hope that Nigeria continues to set the pace in establishing the positive tradition that, as leaders, access to power or quest to retain or consolidate it, must never be stained with blood of any Nigerian.

“Nigeria occupies a strategic position in West Africa, the African continent and indeed, globally.

“It is, therefore, crucial that Nigeria delivers credible, peaceful and fair elections in 2019, in a manner that improves upon the performance of 2015 elections.

“Nigeria, as the `big brother`, has played a critical role in stabilising many parts of Africa and consolidating their democracy; therefore, Africa is looking up to you for leadership,” Chambas said.

Chambas stressed that all candidates and political parties should be given a level playing field.

He pointed out however that the number of women and youths contesting different positions was too low for Nigeria in view of its population.