/The dreaded visitor, By Micheal Odubajo
Divine Software, by Micheal Odubajo

The dreaded visitor, By Micheal Odubajo

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Like night spreads out its wings

And cast its sway over the earth

You sneaked on us while we snored

On beds of doubt and fear and passivity

And on couches of ignorance

You turned our normal on its head

And flipped our routines

You came with neither gun nor bullets

Yet your fangs sank deep in our flesh

ripping the bones of your hapless hosts

The dreaded visitor, By Micheal Odubajo

To what do we owe this blessed visit

you ravaging scourge?

To hell or sin or global politrickal order?

Now that we are alert to the realness of your existence

And rooted in the know of your malicious intention

We resist you with avowed penitence

Seethed in our hearts and woven with words

of affirmation to appease Osonobua

We resist you with our faith rock strong

We resist you with religious rites of hygiene

and social distancing

We resist you and declare peace in all our land


*Odubajo: (mickeybng@gmail.com, 08028115734)