/‘The Danfo Driver In All of Us’ by Niran Adedokun is out
'The Danfo Driver In All of Us' by Niran Adedokun is out

‘The Danfo Driver In All of Us’ by Niran Adedokun is out

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The Danfo Driver in All of Us, a collection of Niran Adedokun’s commentary and opinion pieces published in national newspapers and prestigious magazines in the last eight years has been released.

It is Adedokun’s latest work.

Since 2012, when his first article was published in The Punch newspaper, he has continued to write about mainstream social, political, and religious issues with humour, passion and insightful perspective that connects with the public and gets national attention.

According to the author: “Even though I practised as a journalist for over a decade…. I never imagined that I would write commentaries about anything and gain attention for doing it.”

'The Danfo Driver In All of Us' by Niran Adedokun is out
Niran Adedokun

The collection attempts to “deconstruct Nigeria and the people that inhabit it – the proclivities that set us back, the opportunities that go to waste, the potential that we never realise and the future for which we fail to prepare.”

Dapo Olorunyomi, Publisher/CEO, Premium Times newspaper, has described the collection as “…keen insight in depicting the Nigerian condition. Only few books, using the genre of commentary journalism in recent times have come this close to this convincing testimony.”

Layi Babatunde, SAN, Editor-in-Chief, Supreme Court Reports says about the book: “…It offers simple but imaginative recipes to save ourselves and country from the looming scourge of two for a kobo emotional and physical death. It is certainly worth reading.”

Azu Ishiekwene, MD/Editor-In-Chief, The Interview says: “…prose is compelling, and it will amuse the reader. By the time you get off this danfo ride … you can’t help laughing most of the time.”

Victor Ehikhamenor, Founder/Artist Director, Angel and Muse writes: “…This is a book you will discover and rediscover yourself no matter who you are.”

Niran Adedokun is a Public Relations practitioner, lawyer and writer.

Adedokun is also a columnist with The Punch and Thecable.ng newspapers, and publisher of www.eelive.ng.

His first book Ladies Calling the Shots, a profile of seventeen top female film and television directors in Nigeria, was published in 2017.

The Danfo Driver in All of Us and Other Essays is his second book.