Home News SPN suggests solution to building collapse, poor education

SPN suggests solution to building collapse, poor education

SPN suggests solution to building collapse, poor education

Socialist Party of Nigeria, SPN, has called for massive government funding of education and housing in the country.

This, it said, would prevent the re-occurrence of collapsed buildings in the country and poor education development.

The call was made by the political party in a statement issued by the chairman of its Lagos State chapter, Mr. Rufus Olusesan and its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Shoyomobo M.K.

The party said the collapse of the three-storey building at Itafaji, Lagos Island, on Wednesday clearly indicated that there was a terrible chaos in the education and housing sectors in the country.

According to it, there was an apparent neglect and underfunding of both sectors of the economy.

“Neo-liberal capitalist policies which are hinged on profit-first as well as cuts in social public spending are responsible for the incessant collapse of buildings and poor state of education. Hence, many buildings are usually built solely for profit devoid of standard, safety and human needs.

“This is similar to what is obtainable in the education sector wherein the obvious failure of Lagos State Government like other governments has given room for proliferation of substandard private schools whose primary motive is profit,” the party said.

SPN stated that the housing deficit in Lagos stood at 5 million housing units while the state could only boast of about 1600 public schools as against 18,000 private schools.

“The dominance of private education and housing is a reflection of a state whose ruling elite in the last 32 years have constantly neglected key sectors of the economy while using public resources to guarantee huge profit for a tiny privileged few.

“The lack of plan of Lagos reflects a state of jungle with little or nothing to show for its huge resources and potential…

“Lagos SPN feels strongly that the only way out is to allow a public sector led investment in education, housing and other key sectors of the economy in Lagos and Nigeria as whole, such that is democratically and transparently managed to meet the needs of all as against the profit avarice, pillage and primitive accumulation of public resources/funds by a handful privilege few.”


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