Pastors compelling congregations over Buhari, Atiku are fake –Pastor Adejumo

Pastors campaigning for Buhari, Atiku are fake –Pastor Adejumo
Suraj Adejumo

A pastor with Foursquare Gospel Church, Idogbo Branch, Benin City, Edo State, Suraj Adejumo, has berated the pastors compelling their congregations to vote for any of the two leading presidential candidates in the coming election.

He spoke in allusion to the campaign by some churches for the election of either President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, or Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Stressing that he was not in support of any of the leading presidential candidates, Adejumo described the actions of the pastors as mere brain-washing and not carrying out the order of God as most of them had claimed.

In a statement he issued and made available to FrontPage, the pastor said to a very reasonable extent, most of the pastors were “directed” by the personal interests which they had put above the interest of the nation or their congregations.

Adejumo described the men as businessmen and part of the problems drawing the nation backward.

He said if they were sure that they heard from God, they should pick a neutral choice apart from the leading contestants for the presidential post, and pray him or her to victory.

He however said that in the midst of the confusion greeting the choice of who to be voted for in the coming election, God would intervene and let His will be done.

The statement reads:  “I am a pastor but I am compelled to comment on the outbursts of some frontline ‘ministers’ who have been brain-washing their congregations to vote for a particular presidential candidate.

“These people are playing draft with the name of the Lord. If they really want to demonstrate God’s power, let them support a neutral person and pray the person into emergence as the President. God has not spoken to them. They are ‘businessmen’ looking for the government that wïll favour them.

“They are part of the oppressors. They are feeding fat at the expense of the poor masses. Their schools are for the rich and the rich only. They are part of the problems. Most of them sit on biĺlions without paying tax, they are tax evaders. They are not men of God; they are ‘gods of men’.

“I am not for Buhari but Atiku is not it. These people have not heard from God; they are just voicing their selfish interests.

“I tell you, in the midst of it, God shall make his voice heard loud and clear.”