/Oyo: CAN lauds Makinde on first year in office
Oyo: CAN lauds Makinde on first year in office

Oyo: CAN lauds Makinde on first year in office

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As Oyo State government celebrates one year in office, the Oyo State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has lauded Governor Seyi Makinde, for his ‘impressive’ achievements.

The state CAN chairman, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu, gave the commendation while responding to questions from journalists.

He said: “For our governor in Oyo State it’s a time of praise and commendation. Of course, no parents would bash or condemn a child that returned home with excellent report card, it’s impossible. Governor Makinde deserves our praise if we put into consideration how the administration of Seyi Makinde has been positively affecting lives of the masses in the state. To us, his report card is impressive and we congratulate the governor and his team for moving to the second session with enviable report card.”

He added:  “The perspective by which we grade or rate the governor’s performance defer from that of the politicians or contractors.  Some groups are not likely to be on the same page with us.

“Our decision to award His Excellency passmark was borne out of the direct impact of his administration on individuals, especially the masses, the common man’s life, by extension, standard of living in general…

“How would the masses and civil servants not support or stand up for him when their children’s education (school fees, books and other associated bills) is no longer a burden on them. With this, parents are opportuned to commit little resources to other areas of their needs. Many children have returned to school with joy.

“Pensioners and civil servants were able to settle outstanding bills, the purchasing power of the common man has been lifted because civil servants and retirees could afford to meet up with their needs. And that’s the only thing that has the power to set people free from the bondage of poverty and live better. Death among the pensioners and public servants has reduced drastically, for the fact that they could afford necessity, purchase of drugs and eat better meals as against what they suffered in the past.

“For instance again, very insignificant number of population condemned Governor Makinde, whereas masses are praising his decision based on the fact that over 75% of the population source for means of livelihood/survival on daily basis. Besides, as a state having its comparative advantage in agriculture lockdown the state during rainy season would lead to famine. Masses would have been greatly affected, so, we appreciated his decision on that.”