Our offices remain open for visa interviews –US embassy

Clement Daniel
Clement Daniel
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US embassy

Nigerians who have visa interview appointments at the United States embassy can now heave a sigh of relief.

Reason:  The closure of the Lagos and Abuja offices of the embassy following the ongoing U.S. government shutdown will not affect them.

According to the US embassy in a tweet on Tuesday, the offices would remain open for all consular business, including visa interviews.

The embassy urged all those that had been given interview appointments to attend.

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The tweet reads: “U.S. Embassy Abuja and Consulate General Lagos remain open for for all consular business, including visa interviews. Please attend your regularly scheduled interview.”

The Lagos and Abuja offices of the US embassy in Nigeria closed down on Monday as a result of government shutdown.

“Due to the current U.S. government shutdown, the American Centers located in the Embassy, Abuja and Consulate General, Lagos are unfortunately closed. They will re-open once the U.S. government shutdown is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience to our valued patrons,” the post on its Facebook page reads.

The shutdown in the US started on December 21.

A shutdown comes following the refusal of congress to appropriate funds for the following fiscal year.

Also, it comes when the president does not sign legislation for the funding of federal government operations and agencies.

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