Nigeria will be shaken by God in 2021, Prophet Ezekiel Badmus predicts

Nigeria will be shaken by God in 2021, Prophet Ezekiel Badmus predicts
Prophet Ezekiel Badmus

Nigeria will be shaken in the new year as God has vowed to visit his anger on those who regard themselves as powerful and are tormenting the common people.

This is one of the predictions of Prophet Ezekiel Badmus of Christ Apostolic Church, City of God District Headquarters, Ijoko, Agbara DCC, Akinyele Region, Ogun State.

In a statement titled ‘Message of God for Year 2021 by Prophet E. A. Badmus’ and made available to FrontPage (, the prophet added that God had warned that He would also judge those troubling Nigeria with their machinery and human instruments, and those who governed with lies and deceit.

According to him, there would be happenings in the country to show that “God is moving in Nigeria.”

He predicted that God would set everything in order and bring back the glory of Nigeria.

The message reads in full:


Hear the word of the Lord. I am the Lord God of host. I am the I am that I am, the God of the Spirit of the prophets. My beloved son, I came down to visit you and reveal to you the mysteries about the year 2021.


  1. Year 2021 is a year of RESTORATION. Regarding the novel pandemic of year 2020, I used it to demonstrate to the entire world that I the Lord God reigns and rules over the affairs of men.
  2. My beloved son, I foretold that year 2020 would be riddled with different storms. I did this for the nations of the world to recognize me as God and return to me as their God.
  3. Therefore, you nations of the world, seek me the Lord in year 2021 because my coming is imminent. I am the Lord, and I change not.


  1. The cries of the righteous have come up to me. I see everything and I the Lord will do a powerful thing in Nigeria.
  2. I have given opportunity for repentance to the troublers of this country but they rejected repentance. For this reason, I the Lord will shake this country one more time, says the Lord of host, especially as it concerns those who regard themselves as powerful who are tormenting my beloved.
  3. Concerning those who are troubling Nigeria with their machinery and human instruments who govern Nigeria with lies and deceit, the Lord says that he will judge them and His anger will be ignited against them and there will be happenings so much that all nations of the earth will know that God moving in Nigeria.
  4. Because of my beloved children in Nigeria, I the Lord will set everything in order and bring back the glory of Nigeria.


I am the God of Christ Apostolic Church, God of Akinyele, God of Odubanjo and God of Joseph Ayodele Babalola. Regarding the CAC, it is my church and it is a living church.

  1. I the Lord appointed the current people in authority for special assignments. My servants, my beloved, Samuel Oluwasegun Oladele and Emmanuel Olatoro Odejobi.
  2. The time of I the Lord has come in CAC; I begin the work of CORRECTION.
  3. The assignment before them is the work of correction that is powerful. Make straight the way of the Lord and set right His path. I chose them to repair the ALTAR of Christ Apostolic Church for my second coming.
  4. I appointed them to cleanse my church.
  5. The assignment I commit into their hands NOW is the work of correction and reorganization in order to make crooked places straight.

Peace be unto you, says the Lord of host. Have a wonderful, prosperous, fruitful and successful year 2021 in Jesus’ name.

Message of God through:

Prophet E.A. Badmus


CAC, City of God District

Agbara DCC, Akinyele Region.


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