/Nigeria can’t survive another four years of Buhari govt –Atiku
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Nigeria can’t survive another four years of Buhari govt –Atiku

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Atiku Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCO, has warned Nigerians that the country cannot survive another four years of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Describing it as a government of evil, it called on Nigerians to go all out and vote him out.

The call was made in statement titled State of the Nation Address by the Director General of APCO, former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

“Make no mistake, Nigeria cannot continue on this path for another four years. Nigeria cannot survive another four years of this misdirection and maladministration,” he said.

The Peoples Democratic Party’s chieftain said the last four years in the country had been characterized by untold hardship.

He said apart from the state of insecurity leading to the loss of lives of loved ones, the economic hardship had made living in general unbearable.

Several companies, he said, had closed shop as a result of the poor economic state.

Daniel said the coming election was an opportunity for Nigerians to change the tide of event by voting Atiku Abubakar as the next president.

He described him as a man of great business dexterity and a detribalized Nigerian capable of making life more meaningful.

The statement reads in part:  “To those who are still unclear of the choices before us. It is a choice between a man who has created thousands of Jobs, employed over 50,000 across the country and another man whose only source of job creation is rearing of 150 cattle. We need the former to solve our reoccurring unemployment problem across the country and the latter to go back home and face his flocks.

“It is a choice between a detribalized Nigerian who doesn’t see ethnic, religion or regional difference but Nigerian. A man who married across all the regions of the country, love and treat all equally and a man who sees us as a nation of 95% and 5%. A man who sees us as a divided nation that must be conquered with divide and rule. Again, we need the former to repair our fragile unity and focus us all on the path of collective development.

“It is a choice between an healthy and sound minded Nigerian who has the capacity to carry out the duties of the office of the President of the Federal Republic without annexation of same to some group of individuals named cabals and a man who is better left to take a long rest and attend properly to his health concern without holding us all to ransom and having those who are neither elected or appointed dictate and share the duties of the office of the President without accountability.

“It is a choice between a man who understands what is required for this country to grow with a sound business mind and technological exposure needed to refocus our nation to the emerging innovations and new age generation not just for us but our children and grand children. A digital system devoid of analog mentality.

“Atiku Abubakar is the choice before us. He is our ticket to development and advancement. He is our hope to jobs, good healthcare, better security and most importantly, good life.

“Fellow Nigerians, I enjoin you to save Nigeria from the disaster of another four years of this administration. I implore you to answer this clarion call and help end the looming catastrophe.”