/Nigeria at 60: How to achieve solid foundation for the future -Buhari
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Nigeria at 60: How to achieve solid foundation for the future -Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday declared that the desired solid foundation for the future of Nigeria can only be achieved through the collective commitment of Nigerians to that effect.

The president, in his nationwide broadcast on the occasion of the 60th Independence anniversary of Nigeria, also emphasised the need for Nigerians to focus their minds, together as a people, on ways to resolve the identified critical challenges underlying the nation’s present state.

His words: “I chose the path of self-reflection because this is what I do on a daily basis and I must confess that at most times, I always felt the need for a collective reflection as I know that the foundation for a solid future which this administration is laying can only be sustainable if there is a collective commitment by Nigerians.

“Nigeria is not a country for Mr. President, any ruling or opposition party but a country for all of us and we must play our part, irrespective of challenges we face, to make this country what we desire.

“To achieve this, we must focus our minds, TOGETHER as a people, on ways of resolving the identified critical challenges that underlie our present state.”

The president said the various problems afflicting the nation could best be solved by:

“a.   Evolving and sustaining a democratic culture that leaves power in the hands of the people;

“b.  Supporting the enthronement of the rule of law, demanding accountability of elected representatives and contributing to good governance;

“c.   Increasing our commitment to peaceful co-existence in a peaceful, secure and united Nigeria;

“d.  Harnessing and Optimizing our tremendous human and natural resources to attain our goal of being in the top twenty economies of the world and in the process;

“e.   Lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years;

“f.    Strengthening institutions to make them stronger in protecting National Interests; and

“g.  Imbibing tolerance in diversity.”

He urged Nigerians to solidify their strength in order to achieve the great country they desired.

He also said there was need to increase their commitment and encouragement to do “that which is right and proper even when no one is watching.”

“Fellow Nigerians, let us collectively resolve to continue our journey beyond the sixty years on the clear understanding that as a nation we are greater together than being smaller units of nationalities. By the special grace of God we shall come through any transient challenges,” he stressed.