MURIC berates politicians over performance in 2018

David Adenekan
David Adenekan
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The non-governmental group, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has berated Nigerian politicians over their performances in 2018.

The group described the politicians as lacking in principle and unable to meet up with the required standard to promote the growth of the country.

MURIC also accused them of being largely involved in political prostitution and activities detrimental to the growth of the nation.

MURIC’s assessment is contained in a statement issued by its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, and made available to FontPage. 

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The group said but for a few exceptions, Nigerian politicians displayed astounding unpredictability.

“They were consistently inconsistent. Political prostitution rented the air in an uncontrollable manner. They were bereft of standards. There was no modicum of principles. All the political parties without exception became infected with political chameleonism. The Nigerian political landscape experienced one of its worst moments in history as politicians swarped parties on flimsy excuses. Personal ego and parochial interest became the parameters for jumping from one party to another,” MURIC said.

The group stated further:  “Instead of pursuing a meaningful, robust and forward-looking political culture, Nigerian politicians fell head over heels in love with ‘bolekaja’ mentality where Machiaveli instinct rivals Herbert Spencer’s theory of survival of the fittest.

“Instead of identifying with the masses and meeting their aspirations, majority of our politicians pitched camp with the capitalist bourgeois class. Politics is pursued purely for economic gains. Service is not the objective. No wonder therefore that politics in Nigeria has become an all-comer game and political charlatanism is the order of the day.

“Our lawmakers perfected the art of law-breaking in law-making. In their sober moments, they were either competing with Nollywood actors or turning the hallowed chamber into the most notorious motor-park in the country. They made 2018 their year of sabotage when every project designed by the Federal Government (FG) was targeted for retardation. Meanwhile it was poor Nigerians who suffered just as it happens to the grasses when two elephants fight.

“It was the year lawmakers decided to inflict undue punishment on the Nigerian masses by ensuring that they are denied the dividends of democracy. This they did by ensuring that the budget was delayed for seven months and key projects could not be completed on schedule. The 8th National Assembly is the most anti-people in the history of Nigeria while its leadership has proved to be numero uno in parliamentary demagoguery in recent time.

“It is paradoxical that the Nigerian electorate has failed to recognize its friends. Voters readily sell their votes to the same corrupt politicians who robbed them of the dividends of democracy. Whereas good roads, qualitative education, high standard health institutions, etc are unavailable today due to the corrupt practices of our politicians, many citizens still idolize the same corrupt elements. They fail to see them as the direct causes of their predicament.”

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