Kridency beatifies Afropop, releases single, ‘Simi’

Kridency beatifies Afropop, releases single, ‘Simi’

Afropop artiste, Kridency, whose real name is Shola Samuel Fagbenja, is set to release his second song, Simi.

Simi, short form of Jensimi is a Yoruba word for ‘leave me alone.’

The artiste who hails from Kwara State is releasing the song as a follow up to Jeje, his first single.

Simi is a racy Afropop song that’s bound to scale to the top of the chart and will be released on Sportify, iTunes and other digital platforms in a couple of days.

The song is the heart cry of a man who doesn’t want trouble, especially with ladies.

One of the lines goes thus: Aye o pemeji (You have only one life).

Kridency, who was born in Abuja and grew up there but relocated to Lagos to pursue his musical dream, is not your run of the mill singer.

Although a ladies’ man, you are not likely to hear any rape allegation against him.

His words: “A rapist rapes because he sees his victim as a mere object with little or no worth or value. A rapist rapes because he worships money and can offer the victim and her virtue to Mammon as sacrifice if the need arises. Until these twin evils are nipped in the bud, it is nearly impossible to stem the tide of rape.”


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