Internet fraud: Mountain of Fire dissociates self from appeal for fund

David Adenekan
David Adenekan
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Daniel Olukoya

The Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries, MFM, has warned members of the public against falling victims of some fraudulent persons using the name of the church to solicit for fund.

Fraudulent contributions to the fund, according to the church, were being sought through the social media like Facebook and Whatsapp by the fraudsters.

In a statement issued by the chairman of the media committee of the church, Pastor Oladele Bank-Olemoh, the church said it had nothing to do with the call for contribution, describing it as a fraud.

It warned those behind the fraud to desist as they would be inviting the wrath of God on them.

The church also said it had set machinery in motion to arrest those behind the fraud with the intention of taking a legal action against them.

The statement reads:  “The Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries (MFM), hereby dissociates itself, the General Overseer worldwide, Dr. Daniel Kolawole  Olukoya, his wife, Pastor Shade Olukoya, the entire pastorate and leadership of the church from some online (Facebook and whatsaap) electronic platforms seeking monetary contributions from the public and unwary members of the church, allegedly towards meeting the financial needs of some faceless ‘poor’ and ‘needy’ members of the church.

“The MFM authority, through this medium, also warns the shady characters involved in this ungodly plot to dupe unsuspecting members of the church and friends of the MFM to desist forthwith, as their action is tantamount to invitation of God’s wrath.

“In the face of this development, the church will take serious legal action against every innocuous and wicked character behind giving the church a bad name, as already, the church has set legal machinery in motion to apprehend the rogues and bring the full weight of the law to take its course against them and protect its members from falling victims.

“MFM members home and in the diaspora, are through this medium, warned to be wary of any such electronic or print (paper) solicitation for funds under any guise and to rather confirm from the church authorities before wrongfully donating money to spurious causes, set up by dubious and ungodly characters.

“The church has a long-existing welfare scheme for its members and the needy in our society and it has never and will never request, demand, appeal or solicit for financial contributions of any form or under any guise, from the public.”

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