/I have passion for movies that give hope and inspiration –Tolulope Oke
I have passion for movies that give hope and inspiration –Tolulope Oke

I have passion for movies that give hope and inspiration –Tolulope Oke

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My passion for movie production is for movies that inspire hope in people and enliven the spirits of the audience. These are the words of Tolulope Oke, one of the versatile and vibrant actresses in Nollywood. People need inspiration at all times. I am poised to produce movies that add values to the lives of people. There should be a concrete message that people can hold on to. When a movie addresses a critical issue or proffers solutions to myriad of challenges facing them, it gives fulfilment and the hope to live, she enthused further.

Tolulope who has been around Nollywood for a while asserted further that movies should project the good pedigree of youths as cultured and diligent set of people.

She says movies should also teach basic moral doctrines to add value to the audience. My movies showcase positive values and also tend to empower people

Tolulope Oke, dynamic and creativity inclined actress has produced a new film titled Cookie Spot. Cookie Spot is a story and it is a reflection about life. According to Tolu, “I believe in hope and I tried to project life and its possibilities. Cookie Spot as she aptly puts it is a story of survival wherever you find yourself. There is always a means of survival.

The inspiration of Cookie Spot  is from a car wash that can turn to a big business. The lady got help from a woman where she was working to establish her own business. She wanted a good life for her mother and herself which the mother rejected due to untold story she didn’t reveal to her daughter about her father. Some notable Nollywood stars who featured in Cookie Spot are Adejumo Lewis, Funso Adeolu, Sola Sobowale, Ayo Adesanya, Bolanle Ninalowo, Omowunmi Dada and a host of others.

I have passion for movies that give hope and inspiration –Tolulope Oke
Tolulope Oke

The message of Cookie Spot

There is the need for women to support one another. The young women should see the bigger picture of whatever they are doing. Possibilities are endless in life. Whatever you are doing, you should not give up. You can always be a better person wherever you are. You should learn to survive in a way that will add value to others.

Tolulope believes Cookie Spot will challenge every young lady out there and that women generally should have the strong will to succeed against all the odds in life.

About Tolulope Oke

Tolulope Oke was born in Lagos and she attended Mercy Day Primary School and St. Mary Primary School, both in Okota, Lagos.  She later attended Remo Divisional High School in Sagamu, Ogun State, and Ibadan Grammar School, in Oyo State. She read Sociology at the University of Lagos. She later studied Dramatic Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo, University, Ife, Osun State.

Growing up

Tolu grew up in a large family and they have extended relations living with her own family. I have been independent minded as a young person. Acting has been in me since my primary school days. My parents didn’t see the skills in me so they wanted me to study Law. All they wanted to see their only girl become was a Lawyer.

 Joining the movie industry

Tolu joined the industry in 2005/2006 but started fully 2011/2012 when she featured in Awure Eni produced by Muhideen Oladapo. Ibrahim Chatta, Moji Olaiya were also part of the movie.  She has featured in over 20 movies including Dazzling Mirage by Tunde Kelani, Jennifer’s Diary and Industreet by Scene one TV owned by Funke Akindele.

My movies showcase positive values and also tend to empower people

Personal works

My first personal production work was Bi Ala (Like a dream) which featured Peju Ogunmola, Akin Lewis, Dele Odule and others in 2012. I also did Alebu Mi (My weakeness) in 2015. I produced Omiran (Giant) in 2016, which featured Femi Adebayo, Rose Odita, Funso Adeolu, Dupe Jiayesinmi and others. I later produced Homesick in London in 2016. The movie focused on Nigerians living in Dispora and coming back home for them remained the best option.

Views about the industry

Tolulope believes the industry is improving as it is on the world map. That according to her is very encouraging. Nigerians in diaspora can watch movies without getting the CD’s across to them. She is delighted that now; there are several platforms that people showcase their talents.

Tolulope wants tradition and culture to be showcased more in a positive way in the movies. There are some perspectives that should be changed in the storylines. The voodoo aspects give people some wrong impression that anything can happen. In the real sense of it, selling our culture makes us unique but it should be done appropriately. Our culture should be projected positively not only about voodoo.

The industry should always seek societal upliftment and project positive values. There are several innovative values that can impact the society.