/How to avoid wrath of God, by Prophet Ezekiel Badmus
How to avoid wrath of God, by Prophet Ezekiel Badmus

How to avoid wrath of God, by Prophet Ezekiel Badmus

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One of the best ways to avoid the wrath of God by anyone is to fight all forms of sins, Prophet Ezekiel Badmus of Christ Apostolic Church, City of God District Headquarters Agbara Zone, Ijoko, Ogun State, has declared.

In his sermon relayed online, on Sunday, the prophet warned that it was wrong to think that God would not cause his anger on mankind because of his love for them.

According to him, the only way to avoid his wrath was to avoid going against his will.

His words: “Some people believe that God cannot wrought His anger upon man because of His love to mankind.

“Some say they were blessed and made rich by God, so God cannot be angry with them.

“However, the wrath of God is without prejudice or partiality.”

Quoting from John 5:45, he said God would not hesitate to wrought his anger on anyone who disobeyed him.

“Truly God is feeding you, clothing you, making you great, but in as much as you are disobeying Him and doing evil, God’s wrath will be upon you.  John 5:45.”

The way out, he said, was for sinners to repent.

He said: “Your head cannot bear the wrath of God – so REPENT!”

He stated further that to avert the wrath of God, one must repent from sins which may include performance of rituals, use of charms, worship of idols, use of occultic powers.

He added: “You must accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

“You must believe and fear this one and only true God.

“You must face and fight corruption.

“God will never take bribes and corrupt offerings.

“We must be ready to fight fornication, rape, indecent dressing, corruption and all forms of crime openly in our society and nation.

“Be obedient to God

“Care for the widows, fatherless, orphans and aged people

“Give right judgment and justice

“Ask and plead for the mercy of God.”