For Kukah the cook!

Let Kukah be, Presidency warns muslim group over threat
Buhari and Kukah

By ‘Dipo Onabanjo

Like Matthew the Letter Writer

This Matthew writes too

Cooking up controversies here and there

Why? Some say he must live up to his name

Matthew (the) Kukah

A Father trained to cook saintly homilies

Now cooking controversies where none exists

Firing barbs at saints in power

Pray, tell this Father Kukah

Not to toy with the cooker

By firing from all cylinders

At our father in the Rock of power

No Kukah should distract our Aso father

A great cook ‘cooking’ insurgents and bandits

And roasting insolent herdsmen in fiery fire

No fess, Baba Buhari, biko!

No Kukah can cook you up in a coup stew

None! Dem no sabi!



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