Crossover night service: Cooperate with government, CAN warns churches

2021: How to overcome challenges in the New Year, By Samson Ayokunle
CAN presdent, Ayokunle

The president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Dr. Samson Ayokunle, has urged churches in the country to follow strictly the COVID-19 protocols and additional directives by the relevant state government authorities as they prepare for Crossover Night Service.

He said it was unfortunate that COVID-19 had made it impossible to enter into the new year prayerfully in joint fellowship with brothers and sisters.

The statement which the CAN president personally signed reads: “We understand the unfortunate state COVID19 infection has put everybody world over which caused some state governments to place total ban on crossover night service and we are not happy that we would not be able to enter into the new year prayerfully in joint fellowship with our brothers and sisters. We however urge you all to abide by the directives of each state government on this so as to prevent the spread of the infection. There is no sacrifice that is too much in order to put an end to the pandemic once and for all. One thing that is certain is that, the end of COVID-19 is here at last in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

“The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) advises that, where the government places an embargo on the Crossover Night service, churches may meet earlier to praise and give God praises for the gift of life despite the pandemic and to place their requests for 2021 before God. In those states, services should be closed about 10:30pm or at most 11:00pm to enable worshippers to return home on time. It is a passing phase and this too shall pass away in Jesus Name. Very soon, the pandemic will become history and we will return to our usual routine services in Jesus’ Name.

“We appeal to all state governments to be relating with the leadership of CAN under their watches for understanding and support on their directives. We are partners in progress and development of the country.

“We also call on local government authorities to enforce the COVID-19 protocols in our markets and in the transport sector.

“Our condolences to the family of the late Professor Charles Adeyinka Adisa

“On behalf of the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), I commiserate with the family of the late Prof Charles Yinka Adisa on his glorious Home Call. It was one death too many because nobody expected such a God’s General to depart from the scene when his contributions are still highly needed. Prof Adisa used his influence and position to speak for the Church in the country. He led the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship and other related groups to champion the cause of the Body of Christ. We cannot forget their contributions during the agitation for the restoration of Christian Religious Knowledge back to the public schools, CAN’s position on the controversial Ruga Settlements, Company Allied Matters Act (CAMA), lopsided appointments, etc. Our consolation is that, for Christians, to die is gain. He served the Kingdom to the end and he has gone to his rewards.

“Our condolences go to his immediate family, especially his wife, who stood by him to the end, the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship, the Think Tank for the Body of Christ, colleagues, friends and relatives. May his home call be a challenge to us to be sincere in our services of the Lord.”


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