COVID-19 now disease of unvaccinated –Expert

COVID-19 now disease of unvaccinated –Expert

The Director of University of Ilorin Health Services, Dr Rasheed Odunola, has encouraged Nigerians to get vaccinated because COVID-19 has become a disease of the unvaccinated people.

Odunola, who gave the advice on Monday while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin, said that Nigerians and Africans were indeed lucky not to have witnessed surge in COVID cases as seen in the developed countries.

The director appealed to Nigerians, most especially members of the university community, not to be too complacent over taking the vaccine.

He explained that research had shown that the anti-COVID-19 vaccine was effective in lowering risk of contracting and spreading the virus, adding that majority of the victims of the pandemic in recent times, were the unvaccinated people.

Commenting on the life expectancy of average Nigerians, the medical doctor lamented that while people in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and most developed countries enjoyed life expectancy of above 70 years, that of Nigeria was reducing.

Using the 2021 data released by the World Health Organisation, WHO, Odunola said Nigerian women were expected to live longer than their male counterparts at 55 years against 53 years for men.

He blamed the reason for the short life expectancy prediction on the attitude of Nigerians to their health, food and environment, urging the people to imbibe a healthy life style to live longer.

Besides, Odunola appealed to residents to avail themselves of COVID-19 vaccination centres across the state to get immunised against the deadly pandemic.

Source: NAN