/Ben Auto Entertainment set to launch revolution in movie sector –Simpa
Ben Auto Entertainment set to launch revolution in movie sector –Simpa

Ben Auto Entertainment set to launch revolution in movie sector –Simpa

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Veteran film maker, Mr. Mathew Simpa, has declared that Ben Auto Entertainment is set to launch a revolution in the movie and video production sector.

Simpa is the head of the film production department of the entertainment company.

He said the company had already acquired state of the arts video production equipment and that discussions were already going on with top grade Nollywood producers in Lagos, Asaba and Port Harcourt.

His words:  “With Ben Auto Entertainment, I finally get the opportunity to take my dream to the apogee of my career. Ben Auto has been in business for decades. It has its tentacles in the automobile sales business, event and hospitality, music, education and so on. I believe my experience when combined with the experience and business acumen of my Managing Director Prince Ben Ukadike will result in yet another revolution in the movie/video production sector.”

Simpa has always been in the forefront of revolution in his over 30 years of film making.

After his exploits with Meshfilms Limited in producing celluloid films on reversal film stocks in the mid 1980s to early 1990s, he joined the evangelical home movies train in 1995 and helped create a growing evangelical film making sector.

In 2014, he produced Outside the Box, yet another revolutionary Christian movie that is still widely acclaimed six years later.

In March this year, he joined newly created Ben Auto Entertainments as head of the film production department.

The company’s main goal, Simpa said, was to enter into collaboration with interested movie/video producers to do joint productions.

“Collaboration is the way to go after Covid-19 crisis,” he stressed, adding that “it will be unwise for individuals to single handedly bear the brunt of a movie production. Sharing the burden will result in improved quality and ability to compete on the global scene.”