Badeh: Suspected killers to be paraded by police

Ismaila Sanni
Ismaila Sanni
Badeh: Suspected killers to be paraded by police

The two suspects killers of former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, reported to have been arrested are to be paraded soon by the police.

The parading will give the opportunity of an insight into the killing of Badeh who was shot dead on December 18 along Keffi-Abuja Road when he was returning from his farm.

The suspects arrested by the Inspector General of Police Rapid Response Team (IRT) in conjunction with the military and other security agencies were said to have already started confessing their sins.

According to a source, the killers were said to have stated that their intention was not to kill Badeh, but to dispossess him of his money.

They however had to resort to shooting the car he was driving in when his driver refused to stop.

Investigation, it was said, had also revealed that the killing had to do with a transaction over the plan by Badeh to purchase a farm land.

Someone who was said to have had knowledge of the planned transaction suspected that Badeh would be paying for the land on December 18 and hired the killers to attack him and dispossess him of the money.

The man who contracted the attack and the one who shot at Badeh at close range are the ones arrested while efforts were ongoing to arrest others who were involved.

The attackers were said to be about seven.

It would be recalled that Badeh was killed on December 18.

His driver was wounded in the encounter while Badeh’s friend who was in the car with him was kidnapped.

His friend has however been released on Monday after the family paid a ransom to the kidnappers.

Following the killing of Badeh, a directive was given to the operatives at the IRT, Special Tactical Squad and the Nasarawa State Police Command to go after the killers with the intention of bringing them to book.

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