Anti-corruption war: Buhari has lost integrity –Saraki

David Adenekan
David Adenekan
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The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday declared that President Muhammadu Buhari had lost his integrity.

He described his administration as corrupt arguing that it was allegedly only paying lip-service to fighting corruption.

Saraki made the assertion on a Channels Television interview when he spoke as the director general of the Atiku Campaign Council.

Atiku Abubakar is the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

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Saraki said while the president was claiming to be fighting corruption, he had refused to probe the corrupt persons in his government.

That, according to him, had taken away the integrity of the president.

His words: “There is no doubt that there are corrupt people around the system. If the President is fighting corruption truly, I am baffled how a member of his government who was found wanting, up till today, no charge, no prosecution.

“To me, once you can do that, you lose integrity, the moral high ground to say you are fighting corruption. You must show that nobody is above the law, you must show that no matter how close anybody is to you that you’ll take action and that’s not happening.”

“Based on the action I’ve seen, yes his government is corrupt if you are not taking action when people are corrupt. Why condoning it?

“It will be right to say the government of Buhari is corrupt. If you are the head of a government, you take responsibility. So, anything that is done by a government that is corrupt and action is not being taken by the head of that, then the government is corrupt,” he added.

The Senate President said it was wrong of the Buhari government to continue to blame the PDP for the nation’s woes.

Rather, he said, the present economic problem in the country was caused by the government’s inability to fulfill its promise of creating more jobs among other things.

“A government comes into power and says I will create jobs. Instead of creating it has lost jobs up to 20 million. It now blames it on the government of 16 years ago. No. You came into government, you said this is what I promise and you did not deliver. To now blame that on a government that was there before is no excuse. If you cannot create new jobs, at least sustain the existing ones,” he argued.

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