Adunbarin Babs out with video of wave-making gospel song, ‘Turn Around’

Adunbarin Babs out with video of wave-making gospel song, ‘Turn Around’
Adunbarin Babs

Fast rising gospel artiste, Adunbarin Babs (Adunbarin Babalola Emmanuel), is out with the video of his popular single, Turn Around.

Available on YouTube, the well composed and beautifully delivered song, Turn Around, is a song in anticipation of the goodness of God in one’s life.

It speaks of the unspeakable joy that comes with the blessing of the Almighty as He turns around one’s life for the better.

It is a song about the best thing anyone can do in such an exciting situation: “Glorify the Lord.”

The predominant chorus that runs through the song hence is: “I will glorify the Lord, He has turned around my life.”

The beauty of the song is enhanced in the video with the vivacity displayed by the singer and members of his group.

The glee with which they all danced in the beautiful mid-tempo song is a testimony to the appreciation of the goodness of the Lord.

Outstanding as it has been seen in his other songs is his beautiful voice which resonates in praise of the Lord.

A beautiful song, the audio and video will make a good addition to the collection of some of the best gospel songs in the country.

A creative artist and art educator by profession, Adunbarin studied Art, Design and Printing Technology at The Polytehcnic Ibadan.

His area of specialisation is Painting.

The rare talent was discovered at a Christ Apostolic Church in 1996 as a song writer.

While on Campus, his vocal ability came to the fore when he had to coordinate the followship’s choir and the Joint Christian Body known as the Central Christian Body in 2001.

He has a wave making 7-track album, Rend the Heavens, to his credit.

The album was produced in 2018 and launched in the same year.

The gospel artiste is currently working on some other singles.

His social media handles are:

YouTube:  Babs Adunbarin

Instagram: official_adunbarin_Babs

Facebook: Adunbarin Emmanuel