Adewale Ayuba to release album, ‘Fujify Your Soul’

Agency Report
Agency Report
Adewale Ayuba to release album, 'Fujify Your Soul'

The Bonsue-Fuji exponent, Adewale Ayuba, is set to release a new musical album – Fujify Your Soul.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Lagos on Saturday, Ayuba said that the album, to be released on February 26, had seven tracks.

He said that the album emphasised the need to embrace love, uphold monogamy and Fuji music.

He said that the album was aimed at encouraging Nigerians to love one another and strongly embrace Fuji music.

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“I will be releasing another musical album on February 26. This is “Fujify Your Soul”, talking to everyone to uphold  Fuji music, we should not allow it to fade away.

“The tracks on the album are: Calling, Koloba Koloba, Sibi Mi, Jekarira, Asiwaju Ikene Remo Adeleke Adesina, Sookun Family and Fujify Your Soul.

“The tracks have strong messages about love, the essence of imbibing monogamy and correcting the notion that being a musician does not allow one to concentrate on one wife.

“Musicians can live in affluence and still be decent,” he said.

According to him, one of the tracks, Jekarira, which was done in London, emphasised the importance of love.

He said that another track, Calling, was a gospel single, seeking solutions to Nigerians’ current challenges.

He expressed the hope that the track would encourage Nigerians and other listeners to re-assess their ways of life.

Ayuba said that Christians and Muslims sticking strictly  to the dictates of the Bible and the Quran, respectively, would help them to overcome current challenges.

“In my single, Calling, I have asked Nigerians to call on God and adhere to the dictates of the holy Quran and Bible.

“I cannot see true love in Nigeria, I can only see deception everywhere; we all need to reassess ourselves and go back to practise what the holy books say,” he urged.

Ayuba advised Nigerians to further embrace Fuji music.

He said that Nigerians must be proud of the genre of music everywhere.

“Like Reggae music is for the Jamaicans, so should Fuji music be for us, Nigerians.

“It is indigenous to us; so, we must uphold it,” he said.

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