A father’s betrayal, By Matthew Simpa

A father's betrayal, By Matthew Simpa
Mathew Simpa

Our mother erred,

Disgracing and deceiving you,

Inviting another man into our home,

And now, you punish us for her misdeed.

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We were not present when you met her,

We don’t partake in your secret affairs,

Yet, you strip our plates of food,

Cease our allowances and tuition fees.


Worse still, you tell the community not to aid us,

Why must we suffer the sins of our mother?

Reduced to grass trampled by your elephant,

A father ought to build, not destroy.


Leave behind a legacy of honor, not shame,

Forgive our mother, and forgive us,

Don’t let your vengeance haunt us for years to come.

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