How missionaries have contributed to nation-building -Rev Kehinde

David Adenekan
David Adenekan
How missionaries have contributed to nation-building -Rev Kehinde
Rev. Kehinde

The convener of the Global Mandate Conference, Rev Toyin Kehinde, has observed that Christian missionaries have over the years played strategic roles in nation-building right from the time they brought the gospel to Africa.

He made the remark at a press briefing on Monday, February 5 to announce the 2024 conference of missionaries slated for February 22-25 in Maryland, Lagos.

According to Kehinde who is also the Senior Pastor of Agape Generation International Church, the roles played by missionaries in making nations get out of the backwaters of civilisation cannot be over-emphasised.

“In the case of Nigeria, it was the efforts of the missionaries that brought us out of barbarism and made us to see the light of civilisation. You will recall that Mary Slessor played a strategic role in stopping the killing of twins.

“Till eternity, that name will continue to ring in the ears of those who care to know. Ajayi Crowther played a prominent role in the emancipation of the black race. He was instrumental in forming the lexicon of the Yoruba language.

“The idea that the Bible is translated into many of our local languages has helped to preserve those languages. While the colonial masters came to do business, the missionaries came to save and impact lives.  Many of our people who went to school in the early years of the country did so because there were mission schools.”

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Kehinde noted further that the template left behind by the missionaries had not changed.

“Today, many missionaries have continued to make impact. There are many places the government can’t reach with developmental projects but missionaries are there establishing schools, constructing boreholes, building clinics, and making social impact.”

He called on churches to intensify their support in mission work because that is the only way they can fulfil the global mandate of evangelism.

“We have been called to be the light of the world. We have been called to deliver people from ignorance.

“We can’t afford to fail God. I am using this opportunity to plead with Church leaders to make mission work a priority in their programmes.

“There are many unreached places in the country. People living in those places too deserve to hear the gospel.”

He said the 2024 conference of missionaries is expected to attract about 200 missionaries from across Africa.

“We are going to bring them together under one roof, feed them, and encourage them with the Word of God. It will be a time of retreat, but also a time for them to relax and rekindle their energy.”

The project according to him is being sponsored by mission-minded people.

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